Vendor Policies
  1. For each event there are scheduled vendors, the vendors will be allowed in 1 hour prior to spectator/participant gate opening times.
  2. You may print or email completely filled out form with payment to reserve a spot.
  3. Payment must be made 15 days prior to the event.
  4. Each spot includes one vehicle pass and 3 event credentials.
  5. Checks or credit cards are not accepted day of the event. Cash only.
  6. Dinwiddie requires any person selling NEW items to purchase a special event business license. You may do this by calling the Commissioner of the Revenue at 84-469-4500, ext. 4.
  7. The track will be closed the day after the event.
  8. All fees must be paid before set up can begin.
  9. Entrants and participants to the show  accept the rules and regulations set forth by the Show Committee and by execution of this form release and discharge Virginia Motorsports Park, it’s employees, sponsors, judges, event staff, and any    organization or person connected with the presentation of the event from any andall injuries, damages, accidents, losses, judgments and/or claims for any use what so ever that may be suffered by an entrant or participant to his/her personal property. I, the undersigned, fully understand that I am participating at my own risk, and take full responsibility for myself and my property. The Show Committee reserves the right to deny entry to anyone it deems necessary except those protected by statute.



 Click Here To Download Printable 2009 Vendor Form



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