Class Rules


2009 Street Boss Rules and Regulations





April 4 (Saturday)

May 29 (Friday)

June 12 (Friday)

July 3 (Friday)

August 14 (Friday)

September 11 (Friday)





Entry Fees: $40 (includes car, driver and 2 crew members)


Winner: $850

Runner Up: $350

#1 Qualifier: $100


Virginia Motorsports Park reserves the right to change or alter any rule to ensure safety and fair competition.

All protests must be made before 1st Round Eliminations.




General: Reserves for any manufactured car of which 500 units have been built and are showroom available. Heads up, pro tree, first to finish wins. Courtesy staging
ENFORCED. All vehicles must pass NHRA Tech for ET run. Start Line Info: 400 Pro Tree, Autostart settings: (.5, 0.3, 7.0). 
Interior: Full stock dashboard, steering column,
Headliner, upholstered door panels, and front seats are mandatory. Aftermarket seats are allowed. Rear seats may be removed. Full carpeting is required. No bare paneling is permitted. No grace period, this rule is strictly enforced.
 Body: The car must retain its original appearance and profiles. Aftermarket fiberglass replacement panels are limited to hood, deck lids, and bumpers only. Aftermarket fenders are not permitted. Ground effects are legal as long as they are offered through the dealership (i.e., Saleen Mustangs, Calloway Corvettes, Firebird Firehawks, and so on). No removable front ends. Forward facing hood scoops allowed.
Radiator:  Factory radiator support mandatory. Any type automotive radiator allowed. Stock or electric water pump mandatory.
Street Legal Equipment:  All vehicles must have a minimum of one license plate. Functional headlights, taillights, and brake lights required. Gasoline only allowed. All vehicles must be driven in all areas of the track. No towing allowed. Only one tow back per night is permitted, if car is broken. Car may be worked on in shut down area, but no towing a second time. This will result in DQ. Windshield must be OEM glass.
Chassis: Front end suspension limited to bolt on 
Replacement parts only. Rear suspension may be modified to accept ladder bars or four link

Tires: Up to 315 radial allowed or 12” DOT Street tire. Slicks are limited to 30” max and 10.5” width.

NO W’S ALLOWED. All tires to be measured by gauge.

(Turbo and Supercharged cars limited to 28” tall max.)
 Engine: Cast iron or aluminum engine block allowed. External and dry sump oiling systems are allowed. Any cylinder heads allowed.
Exhaust: All entries are allowed to use tubular headers. The headers must be connected to a working exhaust system with mufflers. Exhaust pipe OD is unlimited and must extend beyond the leading edge of the driver’s seat.
Transmission: Any automatic transmission allowed. No clutch less manuals allowed. No lencos or jeffcos allowed. No lencos/torque converter combinations allowed.
Small Blocks: No power adders – 2500 lbs.
Big Blocks:  No power adders – 2800 lbs.
·         Nitrous power adder – add 300 lbs.
·         Turbo or Supercharged – add 500 lbs.
·         Any combo with intercooler – add 100 lbs.
(Turbo and Supercharged cars see tire requirements.)
Firewall: May be modified for distributor clearance only and must be refinished. Other alterations are prohibited. Engine must NOT touch firewall. Must be sealed.
Format: Heads up, quick 8 field, run on pro ladder. Class will be run on the 1/8th mile. All entries must weigh in at scales after each Qualifying and Elimination round contested. No crew person allowed past scales unless accompanied by Track Official.
Induction:  Single or dual carbs allowed. No split carbs.
Fuel injection allowed.
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