Can I weigh my car?
                   Yes. We have a scale located at the back of the pit area. There is no cost to use the scale.
Does it cost to park?

                  For most events there is no charge for parking. You may park inside the pit gates. VMP has designated

                  areas for spectator and racers. For those events where there is a charge for parking please refer to

                  that event web page for more details.

Where do I ship a package?
                  Please ship all packages to:
                  Virginia Motorsports Park
                  8018 Boydton Plank Road
                  Petersburg, VA 23803  

                  Please add your name on the shipping label to help facilitate who the package is for. You will need an

                  ID to sign for the package.


Can we bring coolers?

                   You may bring coolers not to exceed the 12x12x12 size (aprox. 6 pack )


What if an event is cancelled due to weather ?

                   Be sure to keep your ticket stub until the event is over. All efforts will be made to continue racing in the

                   event of weather. If unable to continue racing decisions as to the value of the ticket will be made day of

                   the event and will be contingent on the status of the race. Please listen carefully to the announcement(s)

                   made as to where to go to get refund and the value of the refund.  You will need to have ticket to receive

                   refund. NO EXCEPTIONS.  If first round of competition has been completed there will not be refunds.


Can I bring in alcohol?

                  You may bring in alcohol in the 12x12x12 cooler size that is permitted. NO GLASS BOTTLES WILL BE

                   ALLOWED AT ANY TIME. This is for the safety of the guests and racers. Alcohol will not be permitted to

                  be brought in at the National Event.


What is the radio station?

                  VMP radio station on 90.1 FM. You will be able to hear everything that is going on at the track.


Are pets allowed at VMP?

                 We prefer no pets. However if you must bring your pet you must have an updated shot record and pet must

                 be on leash. Pets will not be allowed in restricted areas, grandstand area or the tower area. This is for the

                 comfort of our guests.


Do you sell Fuel?

                 VMP sells Sunoco racing fuel and can fill your nitrous bottles. The track has for your convenience

                 Methanol, Purple(110), Blue(112), Red(116) and GT(100).  VMP has waste oil dump locations, water and



What are the prices for children?

                 Children 12 & under are free with a paying adult for most events. Some events have an admission fee for

                 children. Please check the brochures or event page for special events.


Does the track accept credit cards?

                 AT this time VMP does not accept credit cards except for the National Event. For the national event we

                 accept MasterCard and Visa.


How do I race my car?

                You would buy a race ticket at the ticket booth day of the event. These fees vary according to event. Please

                check event page for pricing of the event you are interested in. After purchasing a race ticket you need to fill

                out the tech card fully. Please take car, tech card and ticket to tech which is located at the back of the track

                next to the Sunoco fuel island.  If you are 16 you will need your parent to sign a waiver for you to race. This

                must be done in person with valid ID in front of a track official. You would also need to have a valid driver’s


What do I need to race?

                 General items needed to race would be a valid driver’s license, seat belt, long pants, shoes/socks and

                 shirt. Shirt can not be a tank top and shoes can not be open toed. Flip flops, sandals and bare feet are not


Do I need a helmet?
                If you car runs faster than 13.99 you will need a helmet.
Can I have a passenger?

                 If you car runs 13.99 or slower you may have a passenger as long as they have the correct credentials,

                 clothing and are 18 of age or older. Your vehicle must have all the safety equipment required.

Do you have an ATM?

                  We do not have an ATM on site. There is an ATM located at the East Coast Gas Station approximately 3

                  miles from the track.

Where can I buy tickets for events?

                    For most events tickets are sold the day of the event at the ticket booths. NHRA National event tickets can

                    be purchased by calling the Box Office (804)-862-3174, Tuesday – Friday, 9:00am -4:30pm, online at

                    ticketmaster.com, any ticketmaster outlet, or by calling ticketmaster.


May I exit the park and return?

                   You may exit the park and return if you have a ticket and/or hand stamp or armband. Please be sure to

                   have all credentials with you at the time you exit. You must re-enter through the ticket booths.

Does the park have a concession?
                   The Hot Rod Grill is open for every event and serves delicious hot food and cold drinks.
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