Class Rules



 2009 Street Warrior Rules and Regulations


Street Warrior Race Dates


 April 10th (Friday)

May 8th (Friday)

 June 6th (Friday) 

  August 15th (Saturday)

 October 17th (Saturday)

Virginia Motorsports Park reserves the right to change or alter any rule to insure safety and fair competition.
All Protests must be made before 1st Round Eliminations.
  • Body: Metal or fiberglass, factory stock appearing. One-piece front ends allowed.
  • Exhaust: Mufflers required, except on turbos. No Collector Mufflers
  • Firewall: Modifications for distributor clearance only.
  • Frame: Rear frame may be modified or replace from the bottom radius of the firewall to the rear of the car.
  • Front End Modifications: Bolt on accessories only.
  • General: Reserved for any manufactured car of which 500 units have built and are showroom available. Heads up, pro start, first to finish wins. Start Line Info: 400 Pro Tree, Autostart (settings: 0.5, 0.3, 7.0), Courtesy Staging Enforced.  1/8 Mile Finish Line. Eight Car Field. No Crew person allowed past scales unless accompanied by Track Official. All entries must weigh in at scales after each Qualifying and Elimination round contested. Towing Allowed from scales to pits only track determination. A qualified field will consist of tech-approved cars. Qualified field will be on a Pro Ladder based on ET. If a qualified car fails to make 1st round call, the first alternate will be inserted into the field.
  • Glass: Original Equipment Windshield.
  • Interior: Carpet, headliner, door panels, dash mat, and 2 seats are required.
  • Lights: Headlights, taillights, and running lights are required.                                       
  • Power Adder:
    • Nitrous Cars: Any combination – no penalty.
    • SUPERCHARGER & Intercooler: 150 lb Penalty.
    • TURBO & INTERCOOLER: 400 lb Penalty.
  • Tires: All Tires must be measured by gauge.
Rear Tires:10.5”  Slick Measured. 30” Tall Maximum No W’s Allowed
                   12.0” DOT Measured
                   Maximum 315 Radial
  • Weight: Small Blocks – 2800 lbs. with Driver
       Big Blocks – 3200 lbs. with Driver
       Naturally Aspirated – 200 lb. Weight Break
       V-6 – 200 lb. Weight Break
       Stock Suspension Car – 50lb Weight Break
  • Car Must meet NHRA Rules according to speeds.
  • Entry Fee: $60.00 with 2 Crew Member Free   
  • Purse: Winner- $1,000 Runner-Up- $350 #1 Qualifier - $150 *NO ROUND MONEY PAID.
  • CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS WILL BE AWARDED -   Each participant must have permanent number on left hand side of car to receive championship points. 






Street Warrior Championship Points  
5 pts to Qualify
5 pts for #1 Qualifier
11 pts for 1st Round Win
10 pts per Round Win after 1st Round
$1,000 – Win
$350 – Runner Up
$150 – Low ET Qualifier

Those participants who qualify will receive their Entry Fee back, except the winner and runner up.


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