ET Points 


                              E.T. Points (Elapsed Time)


E.T. Bracket Racing is the most common type of sportsman drag racing.  Bracket Racing offers a level playing field by allowing each competitor to pick their own time.  Using a handicap start it allows the slower competitor to receive a head start.  The faster competitor will then get the opportunity to "chase" the slower car down.  In a perfect world both racers would get to the finish line at exactly the same time, bracket races are often determined by less than .001 of a second.  It is some of the most competitive and exciting racing around.  Racers compete for a year end points fund as well as an opportunity to represent Virginia Motorsports Park at the Division 1 E.T. Finals.



Classes: Super Pro (Electronics)
  0-7.99 - Eighth Mile
  Modified (No-Electronics)
  9.00-17.99 - Quarter Mile
  Pro Bike (No-Electronics)
  7.50-15.99 - Quarter Mile
  Street Points
  10.00 & Slower - Quarter Mile





Super Pro / Modified   1-35 Cars        36-45 Cars      46-55 Cars      56+ Cars

Winner                             $700                $800                $1,000             $1,200

Runner Up                         $200                $250                $300                $350

Entry Fee        $41

Buyback          $35


$30 Round Money Starting With Second Round Win


Pro Bike / Jr Dragsters       

Winner             $100

Runner Up       $50

Entry Fee        $27

Buyback          $20


$20 Round Money Starting With Second Round Win


March 28 (Double Race Day)          Saturday                                             
April 19                                               Sunday                                    
May 23 (Double Race Day)              Saturday                                             
June 27 (Double Race Day)             Saturday                                 
August 2*                                            Sunday                                   
August 9                                              Sunday                                             
August 22                                            Saturday                                            
August 23                                            Sunday                          
September 5 (Double Race Day)    Saturday   
September 13                             Sunday           
*No Juniors
NHRA Bracket Finals    September 24-26, Thursday – Saturday



                             Saturday                                            Sunday

Gates Open           8am                                                  11am
Test & Tune           9am – 1st rd Eliminations                N/A
Time Runs             11am                                                 1pm
Eliminations          1pm (Race One)                               3pm

Note – All ET Points races conducted on Saturdays will be double race days. There will be 2 separate points races. There will be one bogey race between race 1 and 2. The winner of the bogey race will determine who receives a bye for race 2. Eliminations for race 2 will start immediately following that time run


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