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2009 Virginia Motorsports Park Drag Racing Information


Alcoholic Beverages
Participating drivers and crewmembers are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages while the Participant is still racing. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in RESTRICTED AREAS!


Auto Start

Once both vehicles are pre-staged and the first vehicle stages, the second car has ten seconds to stage before the tree is automatically activated. This predetermined amount of time is referred to as "Time Out". If the second car fails to stage before the system "Times Out" it will be given a red light.


Burn Outs

All burn outs must be within the designated areas only and using water only. Crewmembers are NOT permitted to hold or touch the vehicle during the burn out. Only those vehicles allowed to do so by the 2008 NHRA Rulebook are permitted to cross the Starting Line during their burn out.
Disqualification for the Event
All standard disqualification rulings and guidelines of event operations, as covered in the 2008 NHRA Rule Book, will be utilized while conducting all VMP drag racing events. Additional rules involving possible disqualification may be imposed at the absolute discretion of the Track Officials.   Penalty for cheating: Track Discretion. Penalty depends on severity of infraction. Decision will be made by Track Manager and/or Race Director.


Disqualification for the Season

Any racer in possession of illegal equipment in their car (first offense) will be permanently disqualified from the Points Program for the 2008 racing season. 
Express Tech
All Registered Racers are eligible for Express Tech. Each Registered Racer will be given one Express Tech Sticker, after completion of Tech, per vehicle registered. If original vehicle is no longer in use, the original sticker must be turned in prior to receiving a new sticker for the new vehicle. VMP reserves the right to re-inspect the vehicle during any event.


Firearms/Glass Containers

No firearms or glass containers are ever permitted. Violation of this provision WILL RESULT IN
Pit Vehicles
Use of Pit Vehicles is a privilege NOT a right. Your privilege may be revoked at the tracks’ discretion.                   


Racer Refunds

Racers that fail tech or break, prior to First Round, must go to Race Control for sign off on their ticket. A refund based on the current Refund Policy posted in Race Control will be given that day only. Should an activity cause the race to be cancelled prior to completion of First Round, the full price, less Racer Fund contribution, will be refunded at the ticket gate that day only.



In the event of a malfunction of the timing system, the competitors involved will make a rerun of the race.



Restricted Areas

Competitors and Crewmembers may enter portions of the Restricted Areas only while wearing the proper wristband. Wristbands are given after the proper waiver is signed at the Technical Inspection Station or Race Control. Restricted Areas include the Staging Lanes, Starting Line, Race Track, Return Roads, Chase Road, Short Road, and other areas marked as Restricted.
Spectator/Crew Refunds
Should an activity cause the race to be cancelled prior to completion of First Round, the full price will be refunded at the ticket gate that day only.



Starting Line Area

Crew member’s access to the Starting Line area will be based on the type of event and type of racing. The number of crew members allowed on Starting line will be determined by track official. Crew member must stay in designated areas.
Trans Brake Testing

There will be no testing of Trans Brakes anywhere including the Pits, Staging Lanes or in the tunnel


Warm Ups

Any time the vehicle is running, whether the vehicle is parked on the pavement or on jack stands, the driver or crewmember MUST REMAIN IN THE VEHICLE. Vehicles may be warmed up in the pits, 15 miles per hour speed limit MUST be observed.

Warm ups in shut down area of track is NOT allowed.                    







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